BelsaHerbal with Pure Natural Qualities

Every woman of every age wants to look beautiful, attractive, and reveal her beautiful personality. It is a very natural phenomenon for women to feel this way.

Many cosmetics available in the market are monopolized by big multinational companies. Therefore, not every woman can afford to use these cosmetics regularly. Therefore, many women have to suppress their desire and satisfy them in limited manner for occasions, festivals and ceremonies. Recognizing this natural need of women and adding creativity, knowledge, expertise, research and naturalness, Belsa HerbalsPurebiotic Nature Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading herbal products that has established itself in the market as a leading brand in the field of chemical free cosmetics.

Pure Natural Qualities.

Nowadays the world of herbal beauty products is very much virtual due to media like internet, social media. It is difficult to guess which product is authentic or who is trying to sell duplicate. But one of the leading names is Belsa Herbals Purebiotic Nature, a product which has gained a place not only in the homes but also in the minds of the consumers in just 3 years without any compromise on quality while giving preference to naturalness without relying on any chemicals. Belsa Herbalsproducts are today making their presence strong in 1500 retail stores across the country. Belsa herbal products are gaining popularity among consumers at pan India level as well.

Prachi Ghatole

 is the name of the new age woman who is in charge of this product. Prachi has launched Belsa Herbals Purebiotic Nature Pvt. Ltd.‘s cosmetics have maintained this status by securing a place among over 1500 professional establishments in the country. More than 11 products of Ghatole’s Belsa Company, which manufactures completely natural cosmetics without even a trace of chemicals, are available today at affordable prices for the common woman 

Specially, Belsa do not compromise on quality of its products. These products reach the consumers only after passing all the criteria and authentication tests set not only by the Food and Drug Administration but also by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). So, Belsa guarantees the safety to everyone who uses these products. Products like Papaya Detan Face pack, Skin Whitening Face Pack, Skin hydrating Aloe gel, Sugar Face and Body Scrub and many more other products have firmly established themselves in the world of women’s cosmetics. These products are also gaining popularity among consumers in flavors like rose, sandalwood, neem, orange, honey, Sugar.

CEO Purebiotic Nature Pvt. Ltd.

Motherhood proved to be the turning point

The field of cosmetic is concerned with the personality / identity of every person who uses the products related to it. Therefore, while creating our existence in this field, experience is as important as having knowledge of the scientific information about the side effects of chemicals that have good and bad effects on the body. Prachi Ghatole did an internship at Baidyanath, an Ayurveda pharmaceutical company in Nagpur for some time after completing highly technical training up to M. Tech. Then in 2016, she worked as a researcher in a cosmetic company in Nashik for almost one and a half years. It was during this time that she married to Sagar Ghatole. After marriage, Prachi became a mother in 2018 and this is where the turning point came in her life. Since the child was young, she decided to start her own business instead of a job. When her baby was 4months old she started Belsa herbals. Every woman of every age wants to look beautiful, attractive, and reveal her beautiful personality. It is a very natural phenomenon for women and men also to feel this way but she always thought how can common people purchase high quality and costly product to full fill dream of gorgeous look and soft skin ? Many high quality products are super costly and beyond affordability. So, Belsa decide to manufacture high quality organic product with low cost which can offer affordability to common people. Many people discouraged her, that would she be able to manage 4 month child and company? But she had decided that she can do it for all her Indian men and women. She started her research by establishing Belsa Herbals. This marks the Rise of Belsa Herbals and also turning point of life.

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No compromise on quality, authenticity:-

Committed to making her own chemical-free cosmetic products, Prachi also obtained the necessary approvals from the Indian Bureau of Standards along with the Food and Drug Administration to manufacture natural cosmetics. If you want to make cosmetics while maintaining the quality of the products, you have to do months of dedicated research. The quality of the products has to be verified. It has to be tested on different criteria. Realizing this need, Prachi decided to set up her own laboratory. Belsa have made a commitment to not compromise on quality while purchasing these products. And with the same passion, PrachiGhatole has made her Belsa Cosmetic Herbal Products available in more than a thousand shops in Vidarbha.

Support of new media:-

Keeping the formula that if there is quality in the production of any product, consumers will give it a place in their lives, Prachi has taken the initiative in marketing its products with the support of new social media. As there is no middleman in the supply chain, their products are becoming popular with women today on various home online shopping websites to directly benefit the consumer. To encourage local manufacturers, the central government has undertaken a Pan India campaign under the slogan ‘Make in India’, ‘Vocal for Local’. Even in that, Prachi has proved the quality of Belsa’s products.


Employment Opportunities

Prachi has given employment opportunities to more than 15 people such as researchers, distributors, sales representatives, cashiers and more than 50 people who depend on her through Belsa, which has 15 products of personal and health care herbal cosmetic. Along with Prachi, A team of three people with M. Tech technical education are also continuously researching in the field of consumer interest.

A helping hand during Corona

Just a few years before the global crisis of Corona, PrachiGhatole had shaped her business. After the restrictions due to Corona, Belsa had to make a big effort to increase their business. Even in this crisis, Ghatole extended her helping hand by distributing sanitizers and handwashes to the poor and needy. She always extends her helping hand in initiatives like Blood Donation Camps.